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about us

Twinsis is capable, client oriented company owned by two software developers with more than 25 years of professional experience. We believe that Twinsis LLC has the potential to become an important business resource for your organization. We offer the highest level of expertise, strong analytical skills and outstanding customer service.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Hiring a database/applications development company is no small feat. Among other things, one has to consider costs, time, expertise, availability, and flexibility. These are all qualities we found with Twinsis. From the get-go, they have shown their willingness to work with The Arc Montgomery County no matter how difficult our requirements were. We’ve now been working with Twinsis for almost a year to put together a company-wide database that would encompass all of our programs and services. This database will track information and generate reports related to the people we serve, staff, training and certifications, facilities, incident/accident reports, Human Resources processes, Quality Assurance and Nurses processes. Twinsis has efficiently divided this big tasks into smaller modules and has toiled to computerize our long-time manual workflow. Today, our Facilities Management, HR, and Training departments are enjoying a system that is making them more productive. We are confident that in a couple of years, once we have tackled all the other tasks, our staff productivity and morale will be high…thanks to Twinsis.”

IT Director The Arc Chapter

“We are very pleased with the development and the support we received from Twinsis LLC with implementation on our new training software. The software was installed on time with the all the functions and features as documented in the original product specifications. Their responsiveness to any and all our concerns were addressed in a timely manner. Implementation of CIMS has increased staff’s productivity and the new functions and features have done wonders for user/customer satisfactions.”

Training Manager

“CIMS automates our HR process for recording and changing employee personnel data and makes the data available to our supervisory staff as well as Human Resources. This allows updates to employee files to be made more quickly, and the data to be more consistent and accurate. Supervisors can see where their employees’ payroll is allocated, when performance reviews are due, the status of required trainings for each employee, etc. Quick and easy access to information regarding employees empowers our supervisors and eases my job as a Human Resource professional. We are very excited to have this fully implemented across the company.

Twinsis developers have worked hard to understand and accommodate what we need and are trying to accomplish. They respond quickly to our questions and suggestions and are a pleasure to work with.”

Assistant Director, Human Resources & Staff Development

“Since I first met Oksana and Victoria of Twinsis they have been a delight to work with. They have put their heart and soul into the CIMS database. The system was built to our specifications and meets our needs. The product they gave us is exactly what we asked for so, using it is easy. My team and I have embraced this product. As a supervisor having all the information at my fingertips is great tool to manage the program. I am very happy with their product. I would choose Twinsis again if I had to."

Director Family and Community Services, The Arc Chapter

“CIMS has been a great asset to our operations, particularly as we have shifted our day program operations from facility-based to community-based. CIMS makes it easy for community-based staff to completed incident reports, daily logs and access information on the people we support without the need to return to the office. Oksana and Victoria are great to work with and have been able to develop solutions for the varied needs of our programs.”

Director Vocational & Day Services, The Arc Chapter