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Master Schedule
Master Schedule New!!!
  • Setup Programs according to local State rules
  • Manage Individual’s authorized hours by Program
  • Schedule staff hours
  • Regular and Actual Schedules
  • Reports, different ways to view it (by Staff, by Individual, by Grant, by Program, by Team etc.)
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Overtime Tracking System
Overtime Tracking System New!!!
  • Easily create staff substitution requests (with location, date/time, and details)
  • Communicate needs and receive responses via text messages with available staff members
  • Review and select substitute staff based on schedule, hours worked, and training compliance
  • Reporting includes: Real-time house staffing data; correlation between scheduled and actual hours; training compliance; staff acknowledgement for notes, nursing recommendation and other shift change information to promote continuity of service
  • Seamless, full integration with CIMS request demo

CIMS Modules

Case Management
Case Management
  • personal demographic information, residential provider details
  • family and emergency contacts, primary contact
  • medical profile, allergies, dietary restrictions
  • trainings required for support by services provided
  • documents, support services records, admission date for services request demo
Vocational & Day Services
  • setup and maintain Employment Sites and Assignments
  • create schedule and assign Support Staff
  • support Individual Employment, Contracts, Volunteer Jobs
  • keep track of pay rate history and work hours
  • Employment / Day program history reports request demo
Residential Management System
  • setup and maintain Subdivisions and Teams
  • keep track of medical records, doctor appointments, daily activities, attendance
  • create inspection and drill forms
  • setup instructions for Support Staff, manage staff assigned to work in homes
  • review progress and create custom report on collected data request demo
Family & Community Support
  • setup and maintain Subdivisions and Teams
  • create/update individual schedule based on granted hours
  • review/approve visits, review/approve reported mileage
  • setup/update goals for individuals
  • review/approve attendance request demo
Quality Assurance
  • design incident report form based on Agency policy
  • report issues related to individuals or staff
  • convert issues into incident reports
  • manage all documents, investigation notes, recommendations and followup dates
  • use analytics to reveil if there are patterns related to provider or facility request demo
Individual Plan
  • setup time frame, goals and steps for IP
  • create Individual Profile based on data in Case Management modules
  • keep Meeting Summary notes, doctors recomendations and other Documents to help create IP
  • in each goal activate steps as needed or based on completion in order, activate Journal for support staff
  • review progress report and adjust IP as needed request demo
Behavior Plan
  • create Individual Profile based on data in Case Management module
  • create report based on recent records, preview Incident records
  • setup Target Behaviors, Motivators, Interventions and Outcome codes
  • activate and monitor Journal, link Journal to related Incident Issues
  • generate Progress report request demo
Executive Dashboard
  • real-time alert systems from different divisions in the Agency
  • real-time reports based on combined information from different divisions in the Agency
  • visualize big data and analyze performance
  • make informed decisions based on statistics and analytics request demo
Facilities Management System
  • manage own, rental or HUD homes
  • review and approve tenant requests, assign contractors, specify diagnosis and actual cost
  • create work order reports by unit, date or work code
  • set up an inspection/maintenance schedule
  • track supply expenses and more... request demo
Staff Management System
  • displays organization structure
  • review and edit detailed employee information
  • initiate, review and provide electronic approval of Employee Change Notice request
  • ability to capture historical employee job records
  • generate training agreements for new hires and transferred employees request demo
Training Management System
  • setup and maintain training courses and classes
  • setup and maintain job requirements, instructors, and external agencies
  • keep records of class attendance, completion status and scores
  • create certificates and training requirements for students request demo

  1. CIMS integrates all business processes within your organization.

  2. Cloud-based services provide maintenance free, robust and scalable environment.

  3. System is accessible from office and home computers, as well as mobile devices.

  4. Consolidated data storage eliminates redundant data entry, guarantees data consistency and reliability.

  5. Data is secured using protected SSL connection, authentication and authorization layers.

  6. CIMS provides the background for regular monitoring of organization’s key performance indicators to assure quality and compliance with all applicable regulations.

  7. System incorporates modern software development standards including friendly and intelligible user interface, adaptable and responsive layout of information.

  8. CIMS allows rich and flexible reporting capabilities.